"If at age 20 you are a conservative then you have no heart. If at age 30 you are a liberal then you have no brains."
Sir Winston Churchill

Obama obviously knows very little about economics, specifically that "Society stagnates when independent productive achievers begin to be socially demonized and even punished for their accomplishments." This dilemma fogs Obama's reality. To him, accepting this truth is a "false choice", his answer to things he doesn't understand. And by the way... where is John Galt?

Monday, May 30, 2011

Newt and media hypocricy

Newt Gingrich is to announce his candidacy for presidency today and the media hypocrisy will be flying. First let me say: Yes, he has baggage and yes, his behavior while speaker was disappointing; and no, I don't know if I will support him. But once he announces, the gloves will be off. The first attack: his infidelities and three marriages. This behavior will be analyzed and scrutinized as if it were Khalid Sheikh Mohammed trying to board an airplane. Yet Newt has been candid about his personal failings and by all accounts has finally established a stable relationship the third time around -- it has lasted 16 years and 11 years of marriage. Yet while his dalliances involved consenting adults and is long in the past, the media will be much harsher on him than President Clinton, who by many accounts, was a sexual predator who did not give up his ways even upon entering the White House -- or since. A second attack; his wife Callista. Already, left wing satirical web sites are calling her a Stepford Wife. Yet she is a smart, independent, articulate woman -- and also a talented musician. This is just the standard liberal narrative for all conservative women.The third attack: his post-congress work, especially with Citizen United. Forget his prolific and at times brilliant writing, his sharp commentary and his uncanny understanding of policy. President Obama's ties to Acorn, Rev. Wright and terrorist Bill Ayers be damned. The media will be indignant about Newt's conservative initiatives and will insist on a proper "outing" of Newt -- despite the fact we know much more about Newt than we do about the current president even now. When I moved to Georgia in 1993, soon to be Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich represented my district (interestingly my home town district produced current Speaker John Boehner). No political scientist (right or left) thought it possible for Republicans to gain control of the House after 40 years -- it was mathematically impossible. But Newt's brilliant Contract for America did it. He believes, unlike the current administration, in American exceptionalism. He deserves serious consideration. There are legitimate concerns about Newt -- too much of a policy wonk to be a leader and his intestinal fortitude to name a couple. No doubt, he botched his speakership a bit. But focus should be on examining legitimate issues -- not the hypocritical muckraking we are about to see from the media. Here is some background by someone who knows him well: http://www.boortz.com/weblogs/nealz-nuze/2011/may/11/newt-gingrich/

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