"If at age 20 you are a conservative then you have no heart. If at age 30 you are a liberal then you have no brains."
Sir Winston Churchill

Obama obviously knows very little about economics, specifically that "Society stagnates when independent productive achievers begin to be socially demonized and even punished for their accomplishments." This dilemma fogs Obama's reality. To him, accepting this truth is a "false choice", his answer to things he doesn't understand. And by the way... where is John Galt?

Monday, January 23, 2012


VADA A BORDO GOP!!!! Right now the American ship of state resembles the Costa Concordia more than it does “a shining city on the hill”. Our economy is in shambles despite small decreases in unemployment due to people leaving the workforce altogether. Our national debt is 102% of our GDP putting us in a class with Greece and Italy. Our uncontrolled government spending is around 25% of GDP when it should be between 18% to 20% . The Congress has not passed a budget in over a thousand days and over 25 budget and jobs bills passed by the House of Representatives have been pronounced dead on arrival by Harry Reid when they land in the Senate. President Obama vetoes the XL Keystone pipeline after all environmental tests have been met… killing 20,000 jobs or more and his out of control EPA threatens the most prosperous state in the nation…North Dakota… with regulations that will stop oil fracking in it’s tracks.The Executive branch decides the Legislative branch is in recess even as it passes an extension of the Payroll Tax Cut for two months during the very period that it is not supposed to be able to pass anything. The Executive branch then establishes a new level of chutzpah by appointing new members to the NLRB and a new Director to the controversial CFBP with sweeping powers and little if any congressional oversight. Then the President, in the form of the always dour Katherine Sebelius of the Dept of HHS, announces that Catholic Institutions will have a year to adjust their most profound religious beliefs in order to accommodate the ukase of the First Secular Church of the United States with regard to what their Health Insurance coverage must contain …i.e. morning after pill…contraception etc thereby declaring war on the First amendment and the nation’s almost 80 million Catholics. But wait …it gets worse! The US Department of Justice not satisfied with selling guns through straw buyers to the Mexican Drug cartels without anyone in the leadership of DoJ being aware of it, has instead decided to double down on states that pass laws requiring voters to prove who they are via Photo Ids. Keep in mind this does not necessarily prove if they are eligible to vote…just that they are who they say they are and are a living corporeal being. This in the fertile mind of Eric Holder is discriminatory. To who…cartoon characters, lycanthropes and the undead??? The EPA not content with their hosing North Dakota threatens to fine the producers of motor fuel for not using cellulosic ethanol a fuel substitute that does not exist. This is happening right after they threatened a Priest Lake Idaho couple named Sackett with $38,500 daily fines for building a house on wetlands that were not wet to begin with and then ordering them to restore their property to “wetland” condition which in point of fact would mean “creating “ wetlands for the first time. Are you confused yet? The Supreme Court is now looking at this case very carefully and court observers are saying off the record that the continuous shaking of the nine justice’s heads as they read through the transcript, is making observers take copious amounts of Dramamine. On the international front, the military is being hollowed out to celebrate a peace “dividend” without a peace… a world where a militant China is determined to project power far into the western Pacific…an irredentist Russia seeking to regain superpower status at the expense of the west…a clinically insane Iran that desires Armageddon to fulfill the prophetic promise of a world wide Caliphate …terrorists now so embedded with the drug trade that it becomes difficult at times to decide which threat they pose is the most dangerous and a North Korea resembling “Wonderland” with nuclear war heads. So how are the leaders of the Grand Old Party, in the midst of what each candidate says “is the most important election of our life time”, responding to this catalogue of horrors? Why they are in full throated “Gingrich derangement syndrome”. They are determined to force Mitt Romney down the throats of Republicans, Conservatives, Tea Party members, Independents, Reagan Democrats and any other group of voters they can identify. All this despite the fact that anywhere from two thirds to three fourth of primary voters to date simply don’t want him after six years of running for President. I don’t have anything against Mitt Romney. If he becomes the nominee I will gladly vote for him but not because the so called “leadership” wants him but because on some days my despair at the destruction of this country makes me I believe that even the first name in the phone book would be a better and less dangerous President than Barak Obama. Having said this, the leadership of Republican Party is being offered what to them is the worst of all possible choices. A candidate who thinks…a candidate with ideas…a candidate who wants a fundamental transformative restoration of American Exceptionalism. And it scares the hell out of them! There is a reason that you rarely if ever hear the phrase “Republican thinker”. Even Republicans who actually fit this description such as Paul Ryan or Jim Jordan are usually viewed as “conservative thinkers”.. Are there any “Republican Think Tanks”? All that come to mind seem to be Conservative” or “Libertarian” as opposed to any entity identified as being the intellectual muscle behind a major party that seeks to govern with …exactly what principals??? Entre Gingrich with ideas percolating and bubbling in a frothy stew of proposals designed to right the ship of state and take it off the shoals of destruction and the leadership says “no thanks we’ll wait for the rescue boat that may never come rather than have to deal with someone we can’t control!” The dirty little secret of mainstream Republicanism is that it is timid and weak and far too accommodating of Democrat displeasure out of a subliminal fear that making money and being successful is wrong and they therefore must be in a constant defensive posture. They have come to believe what the other guys say about them and their reflexive political correctness strangles every analytical impulse they have. Curiosity is viewed as a flaw to these people and those who challenge the status quo in ways the public yearns for and applauds, are dangerous apostates to those who believe change means nibbling around the edges not sending the meal back and demanding real food. Much of the Republican leadership has lost all contact with the people they claim to represent. Severe economic hardship coupled with cultural chaos has a way of making those who suffer undergo a “Conversion on the road to Damascus” when it comes to those whom they will choose to follow. When Newt Gingrich takes on the media that has protected and celebrated the cultural and political icons of the left… those who have to live in the everyday world and have to contend with the destruction they have left in their wake…cheer. We cheer because at long last someone has heard us…someone is speaking for us…someone is fighting for us. Someone wants to save our country . So I have a very simple message for Governor Chris Christie, who today said of Newt Gingrich that he 'Has Been An Embarrassment To The Party' and to the rest of the leadership of the Republican Party. You are out of touch. Vada a bordo cazzo!!!! ERLANDSSON

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