"If at age 20 you are a conservative then you have no heart. If at age 30 you are a liberal then you have no brains."
Sir Winston Churchill

Obama obviously knows very little about economics, specifically that "Society stagnates when independent productive achievers begin to be socially demonized and even punished for their accomplishments." This dilemma fogs Obama's reality. To him, accepting this truth is a "false choice", his answer to things he doesn't understand. And by the way... where is John Galt?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Antiq Hennis. The toddler’s father, Anthony Hennis, who has a lengthy criminal record, is not cooperating with the investigation into his son’s death. Antiq Hennis was murdered in his stroller over the Labor Day weekend.  He was 16 months old and the shot that went through his little head was meant for his father, Anthony who has a rap sheet with 24 items that use words like drugs, guns and assault.   Question number one is why was this guy out of jail particularly after he refused to help the NYPD find his son's killer?
Question number two is will New Yorkers realize that the insane world of the secular progressives led in this city by the Democratic Mayoral,  Comptroller and Public Advocate candidates, most of the the City Council and Federal Judge Shira Scheindlin are as responsible for this murder as much as the shooter?
In that same weekend, five New Yorkers were also shot in Brooklyn and the Bronx.  All of this was predictable since the attacks on "Stop, Question and Frisk" began in the courts and legislatures of NYC.
Even the Pastor who tried to comfort the parents of Antiq admitted to the Daily News that he had doubts over  Scheindlin's overreach saying that the procedure needed to be tweaked and not made unconstitutional and shut down.

In the immediate aftermath of what has become "Scheindlin's curse", criminals in the 40th Pct.  openly taunted cops that they couldn't be stopped any more.  One ran away and a loaded .38 fell out of his jacket pocket.
In the face of all of this, New Yorkers will go to the polls next Tuesday  to begin the process to elect the next Mayor, Comptroller, Public Advocate and City Council.  The Democrats were last in power as Mayor, twenty years ago when the main issue then as now was crime and public safety.  If  these problems are not under control then everything else is secondary.
The candidates on the Democratic line for Mayor and Comptroller are uniformly horrid.  One wants to give Plan B pills to 11 year old girls without their parents permission as well as begin sex ed for children in Kindergarten.  Another wants universal pre-K as a sop to the Teacher's Union by once more taxing the rich even when he knows that only the State can approve this and they don't want to.  He rails against slumlords and then we find out they have generously donated to his campaign.  He wants to use the Mayor's office to help private sector workers unionize. He opposed a rent freeze on regulated apartments before he was against it. He was for extending term limits before he was against them.  He promised to push the Planning Commission towards affordable housing yet his appointee voted against that position 93% of the time.  While he was a member of the City Council he accepted member items and when he became Public advocate he denounced them.   This same candidate is leading the charge against stop and frisk even though all the candidates pander on this issue like fat kids at a school bake sale before Bloomberg made bake sales illegal. 
Another Democratic Mayoral hopeful went racial when politically expedient, not out of any conviction.  He has additionally made questionable deals involving the administration of the City's pension funds when he was Comptroller which resulted in personal gain for himself after leaving office.  And then there is Anthony Weiner...'nuff said!  The last is the current Comptroller whose campaign is one huge scandal involving phoney donors, jailed associates, Chinese money and staffers who go to North Korea for their honeymoon.
The Comptroller candidates are equally wretched.  One is "Client # 9" aka "The Sheriff of Wall Street" who believes that the public cannot possibly survive without his holding the key to the public fisc which he intends to use to drive the last stable tax base out of the city.  Oh yes, he is most likely guilty of both laundering money and the Mann Act but he has been given a pass from NYS AG   Eric Schneiderman  who should be investigating Richard Trumpka for political misuse of union dues foe Obamacare  instead of DonaldTrump for starting a college.
The other Democratic candidate has missed most of his meetings as a trustee for the Pension Fund ( I mean Boro Presidents are so busy with doing progressive things they don't have time for mandated responsibilities!)  When he was an assemblyman he voted against a bill to strip away the not-for-profit status  of a front group for NAMBLA or the North American Man-Boy Love Association.  He did so on the grounds of protecting political free speech.  Earth to Scott ...an adult man telling a little boy to drop "trow" in a dirty  men's room is not covered by the constitution and if you don't know that you are not qualified to be elected to anything.
The City Council races contain two candidates from the NYS Assembly who are either proven or alleged harassers of young female interns even though what goes down in Albany is supposed to stay in Albany.  Most of the rest of this overwhelmingly Democratic body are anti-cop, pro-crime, pro-terrorism, pro-political Islam, pro-sex for all, pro-tax, pro- big government, pro-marijuana, pro-union, anti-religion, anti- taxpayer, anti-fracking and anti-small business candidates.
Their real constituencies are public service union leaders, trial lawyers, race hustlers, enviro wackos,  and anarchists.   They passed two laws in their last session to handcuff the cops and then drag them into court for a quick civil lawsuit payday.  Their next target is to dismantle and micro manage the superb anti-terrorism capabilities of the NYPD that have kept us all safe since 2001.  They regularly demean the greatest Police Commissioner the city has ever known, Ray Kelly, when instead they should lick his feet like the curs they are. 
So next Tuesday and on the second Tuesday in November keep all of this in mind when you vote.  Most importantly keep little Antiq Hennis in your hearts and minds when you cast your ballot.  Little Antiq never got the chance to vote in his life cut short, so we the adults will have to vote for him.
Remember him and remember that there is something wrong out there in the world of politics ...something's wrong that we can't control...and yet if this city is to survive  and not end up like Detroit...we must!

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