"If at age 20 you are a conservative then you have no heart. If at age 30 you are a liberal then you have no brains."
Sir Winston Churchill

Obama obviously knows very little about economics, specifically that "Society stagnates when independent productive achievers begin to be socially demonized and even punished for their accomplishments." This dilemma fogs Obama's reality. To him, accepting this truth is a "false choice", his answer to things he doesn't understand. And by the way... where is John Galt?

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


The "Progressive"  movement like all proto-totalitarian movements has morphed into a thug like cult of fanatics who are humorless, insensitive and intolerant of anyone who gets in their way. 
They take on  pseudo sacramental symbolic  rituals speech and actions of the religions they so despise because their lives are empty and divorced from  the reality of the human condition. 
They want a society where the collective will as defined by a select elite few squashes individual wants, needs and rights like a bug.
To get to the utopia of automatons they desire, they have to dismantle  western civilization, brick by brick.  In the process of doing this  they have become the purveyors of truly asinine and idiotic ideas due to their lack of connectivity to historic norms that have stood the test of time... hence the circus we are threatened with being imprisoned in at the present.
America is in the midst of the of the rise of neo-Jacobin  politics trying to create a French Revolution "deux" to replace ex post facto, the revolution which gave us our freedom and liberties.  Ironically it is also simultaneously going down the "Red Book road" via a domestic version of China's "Cultural Revolution" where those who don't demonstrate sufficient ideological purity and zeal, first become pariahs while on their way to becoming enemies of the state.
We all know how both revolutions ended.  Citizen Genet is somewhere in hell smirking that the Americans have finally taken his advice, and are getting their revolution right.   But we can all  suppose that he is still fervently hoping for more blood and beheadings before we finally come at the place where all "Progressive" transformations eventually arrive.
Currently we now are faced with an ever growing and ever changing list of what is appropriate ( and safe) to both believe in and express  publicly.  Deviation from the Progressive party line now can mark a person for personal destruction.  Lose your job...lose your reputation...and somewhere down the line, history teaches...lose your life!
The progressives who occupy a space on the political spectrum sandwiched between Fascists...Maoists...Marxists... Stalinists... and Nazis are, like their comrades, all about grievance and outrage whether they are snotty coeds paying $65,000 a year at Dartmouth who demand unisex toilets as the way to combat all the "isms" they believe in their self indulgent minds oppress them. Or they are the Rainbow Swastika brigades   who demanded the "dismissal" of Brendan Eich at Mozilla because he gave money in 2008 to oppose same sex marriage. and therefor  is now somewhere between a monster and a non-person.
Then there is the honorary Doctorate that Brandeis was supposed to give to Ayaan Hirsi Ali who has spent her life exposing the evils of female genital mutilation, honor killings, child brides and all the other misogyny that Sharia has inflicted on Muslim women...including herself.  But the Hamas / Muslim Brotherhood  creation CAIR (Council on Islamic -American Relations) complained and now the degree has been withdrawn because in the words of its gutless President "her past words are inconsistent with Brandeis's core values".  Of course what past statements are not elucidated and one can now only imagine what the core values of Brandeis are today.
For over a decade we have been sounding the alarm bell about the rise of political correctness in our society, politics and culture.  The rise of PC in either or all of these areas is essentially the main tool for the Alinsky left to attain power by turning the world upside down by attempting to rewire human nature and rewrite human history.
PC keeps repackaging  itself as the tip of the spear of the forces of the historical vanguard...what ever the hell that means.  As you pick through the adolescent angst that is the substitute for reasoned and rational thinking ...the message seems to be... forget all you know and all you have been taught ...its all wrong and has made you the oppressor...the racist...the sexist...the homophobe...the  Islamaphobe...the 1%...and now you must be punished unless you are willing to be re-educated.
Today we are rapidly becoming prisoners of ideas and dogmas so bizarre  or so stupid  that sane people who are not paying close  attention usually end up  refusing to believe that these ideas are taken seriously by others.  The new truths being spread on college campuses and in the popular culture include the propositions that heterosexuality is deviant...Christianity is insanity ...marriage is slavery (unless you are gay ...then it is freedom)...the Israelis are Nazis..the Palestinians are the "Jews"....all clergy are sexual predators...Blacks cannot be racists...but criticism of Obama for any reason...is...   Discrimination is proved by statistics because  lack of  equal outcome in every aspect of life  demonstrates unfairness and unfairness is synonymous with inequality and inequality is caused by discrimination.
The second amendment is no longer valid (if it ever was in their minds) and there is no room for religion in the public square.  Any one who expresses his or her religious beliefs in public is now more likely then not in certain areas of the country,  to be met by scorn or a law suit particularly if the discussion or action takes place in a public school or on public property.   And no one seems to argue back that mindlessly limiting where a person can express or practice his or her religion is a clear violation of their first amendment rights.  Moreover few if any put forth the increasingly obvious fact that the state has de facto adopted a state religion of non-religion or anti-religion. 
All of the above dogma is proclaimed with deadly earnestness  because progressives and their fellow travelers on their side of the spectrum in fact have no sense of humor and don't abide a sense of humor in others.  Imagine working a comedy club with people looking and acting like Saddam, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Khomeini, Osama, Kim Jung Un, Pol Pot, Lois Lerner and Harry Reid in the audience.  That is what many conservatives experience speaking on college campuses today about anything that runs counter to progressive PC orthodoxy. 
A prior guest, Professor F.H. Buckley of George Mason School of Law wrote a witty and perceptive book entitled "The Morality of Laughter"in which he pointedly said
"The loss of a sense of humor has impoverished academic discourse where nonsensical theories that could not survive the test of ridicule are now taken seriously.  Before adopting a fashionable idea, we ought first to  inquire whether it twigs our sense of humor'"
In other words if it is so stupid that Stewart, Miller Fallon, Kimmel, Letterman, Colbert or SNL see the joke ...we should flush it and send its authors for treatment. 

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