"If at age 20 you are a conservative then you have no heart. If at age 30 you are a liberal then you have no brains."
Sir Winston Churchill

Obama obviously knows very little about economics, specifically that "Society stagnates when independent productive achievers begin to be socially demonized and even punished for their accomplishments." This dilemma fogs Obama's reality. To him, accepting this truth is a "false choice", his answer to things he doesn't understand. And by the way... where is John Galt?

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


John PodestaJohn Podesta is back in the White House and Republicans and conservatives should arm themselves accordingly.  His job will be to marshal a 2014 Obama counter offensive that will be both  ferocious, relentless and disingenuous in order that Obama may save his wounded presidency from a Republican rout in 2014.
2013 was one of the worst years that any post war president save Richard Nixon, has had to endure.  Barack Obama lied to the American people about big and important things and the  American people caught him in his lies.  The saving grace for Obama of 2012's "Who cares about people like me?" has been replaced with "Who can believe anything this guy says to people like me?"  Once trust is gone with a President, only divine intervention or diabolical manipulation can hope to restore it.
"ObamaCare" is a suppurating wound because it's premise is both false and moronic.  It will continue to suck the marrow out of an already partially exsanguinated  presidency.  It directly threatens both the Obama agenda and the Obama presidency.
Thus the denizens of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue are desperate and there upon enters Podesta, a former Chief of Staff for Bill Clinton and founder of the left wing, Soros financed, progressive think tank...the Center for American Progress, which already has played a significant policy role for this President particularly  with regard to "ObamaCare" and expanded Executive power.
His battle plan will be to attack on as many fronts as possible, either simultaneously or sequentially in order to keep the GOP constantly off balance and to give the President's allies in the media a chance to write and say something positive once again.  Podesta also has an unquenchable thirst for Presidential actions unencumbered by Constitutional niceties.
He and the country, afterall has witnessed this President amend "ObamaCare" 15 times, fill Federal positions in contravention to the Constitution and  use the regulatory, investigative and enforcement agencies of his government to target and punish his political enemies...all  without the Congress really baring it's teeth to stop him.
So what will this multi-front war look like?  Here are some possibilities and their implications:
"The War on Income Inequality"  This will be an overarching theme for 2014 mainly because "equality of outcome",  especially  with regard to wealth is what "Progressives" believe was stupidly left out of the Constitution while all the "bad stuff" like the 2nd amendment. was included.  The battles in this war will be fought over "the minimum wage"...extension of unemployment benefits...taxing the "rich" to pay for broken entitlements they refuse to fix...and taxing them again  to pay for new benefits and entitlements they want to create.  This will be classic emotion driven class warfare, orchestrated to paint Republicans and conservatives as heartless, greedy, uncaring and agents for the evil rich.  They will not tell you that they refuse to grow a bigger pie so that all can have a bigger slice.  Instead they will insist that the pie is forever one size and only sharing the wealth can restore the economy equitably.  They will tell us that this will be the rising tide that lifts all ships but they will not tell us that half the ships have already sunk!
"The War for Fair Immigration"    This will be another emotionally charged  set of battles which will largely play on the GOP's "uber" sensitivity to the accusations that they are racist and if they do not repent , the Hispanic vote will never be competitive for them.  Thus the  so called "mainstream" GOP and even some of the "Tea Party" GOP have declared the current immigration system to be broken and indeed it is.  The White House however, will play both the ethnic and the race cards to try and separate the two contentious wings of the party and thereby make both wings look bad.  Their goal is again to stimulate the Hispanic vote in 2014 while attempting to get total amnesty and a fast track to citizenship in a comprehensive bill cloaked in bureaucratic mysticism, border pseudo "toughness and innocent looking set-asides that mask their true goals.
The War on Climate Change     "Climate change" also formerly known as  "global warming" remains unfinished business for the Enviro-Progressives who believed Al Gore was the Messiah before they realized that Obama was.  While the country freezes and no signs that the earth is warming have been evident for the last 15 years, the war on fossil fuel rages on with disastrous effects for  our economy and our future.  The EPA is the tip of the spear for this front and its continuing mission is to regulate our energy supplies and use via impossible energy emission standards and a future  "cap and trade" system designed to impoverish the middle class with sky high fuel bills.  They seek an end to using coal and oil... two of the three major sources of our energy along with natural gas.  They want this while knowing that we can be energy independent and even a major reliable exporter of energy for the rest of the world.  They want this while knowing that their actions will destroy the economy.  And just when you thought that it could not get worse they now want to control all the bodies of water no matter how small or impermanent, thereby becoming a de facto 4th branch of government.
The War on the  Benghazi "False Controversy"    Benghazi is a festering  sore on the Obama presidency.  It also is the single biggest problem for a 2016 Hillary Clinton presidential bid.  The New York Times  "report" on Benghazi is a not too subtle attempt to turn the clock back to the good old days of... "the video did it"  ... al Qaeda did not..and there was no planned attack on our Consulate and personnel on 09/11/2012.  Saying "core al-Qaeda" was not involved is akin to saying Meyer Lansky was not core Cosa Nostra!  The "false controversy" that National Security Advisor Susan Rice referred to on "60 Minutes" just a week before, makes it highly suspicious that this report was a coordinated job with both the White House and the Clintons to cover up their relative responsibility for the death of four brave Americans.   Obama needs the Clintons to keep his wounded presidency alive.  Vindicating Hillary removes a major obstacle to her ambitions while simultaneously restoring the Obama myth that al-Qaeda is "on the run".
"The War on ObamaCare Falsehoods"    We are now told that 1.1 million Americans  have now "signed up" for ObamaCare through the Federal Exchanges.  This is being heralded as proof that both the law and the web site are finally working.  No one can tell us however, how many of the "sign ups" are really insured insofar as they have actually paid their first premium and there is still no mechanism on the web site for them to do so.  Nor do we know who they are with regard to their age and medical conditions.  Likewise we don't know how many have simply been placed in the expanded Medicaid program thereby setting the stage for future State and local budget nightmares.  Meanwhile 40% of people enrolled in the state exchanges are older people and/or people with health problems.  Furthermore the CBO predictions of a $2.6 trillion cost for ObamaCare with 31 million Americans left uninsured,  remains .
Coupled with all of the above will be the willingness of this White House to nimbly "never let a good international crisis go to waste" if it helps the President and his cause...and there are so many flash points in the world now thanks to the Obama "doctrine of leading from behind".  South Sudan and the Central African  Republic are two new crisis areas while Syria, Iraq, North Korea  and China in the East China and South China Seas remain tense and unpredictable.  The Administration while denying the obvious has all but refashioned its policy on a nuclear armed Iran, thereby abandoning Israel, the Saudis, Lebanon, Jordan, the Gulf Arabs and the Turks to the specter of a Persian, Shia Caliphate with a nuclear scimitar.  In the midst of this chaos caused in large part by American withdrawal from much of the world stage, our Secretary of State has decided that now is the time to force a two state solution on Israel and the Palestinians.  Is this for domestic consumption or are the Israelis so worried about America not having its back that they will agree to a bad deal to avoid an immediate and growing existential threat?
Everything Podesta  and the White House will do re the above or things yet unimagined, will be less concerned with solving problems than preserving and solidifying political strength.  These people are not there to work for the American people...they are there to rule the American people!  They will appeal to raw emotion and fear and not to facts and reality.  They will always look to widen the split in the GOP any way they can.  After all the very act of passing a bi-partisan budget had the net effect of furthering Republican disharmony and the debt ceiling battle in March looms ahead.  There will be many many lies about all of the above and most of the press will not call them on it even after ObamaCare.  Lies have  worked before in 2008 and 2012 and the hope is, they will work once again in 2014 as John Podesta and company prosecute  "The Wars of the Progressive Succession."

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