"If at age 20 you are a conservative then you have no heart. If at age 30 you are a liberal then you have no brains."
Sir Winston Churchill

Obama obviously knows very little about economics, specifically that "Society stagnates when independent productive achievers begin to be socially demonized and even punished for their accomplishments." This dilemma fogs Obama's reality. To him, accepting this truth is a "false choice", his answer to things he doesn't understand. And by the way... where is John Galt?

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Governor Cuomo wants people who believe in the Right to Life ( technically all Catholics at a minimum) along with the majority of New Yorkers who do not live in the "Peoples Republic of New York" formerly known as "Bloombergistan" where the 2nd amendment is not in effect plus everyone who believes in traditional marriage ( i.e. the majority of Christians, Orthodox Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs etc.) to leave New York.
You are no longer welcome here.  You are without exception, all bigots, homophobes, zealots, extremists, Nazis and potential mass murderers!
This from a man who believes that abortion should be on demand, including right up to the time of delivery and that gender selection should be a valid  reason to terminate a pregnancy.  Scratch a Democrat and you will find a eugenist from the Peoples Republic of China. 
This from a man who screeched about not needing an assault rifle to kill a deer but doesn't seem to understand the difference between real "Assault Weapons" which are already illegal and firearms that only cosmetically look like military weapons.  Ban the e-cigarettes ...they look like real cigarettes!!!
This from a man who clearly believes that thousands of years of religious and moral teachings about men, women and the institution of marriage are suddenly all crap and now we have to think like him and all the other "enlightened"  superior beings who are going to drag us into a "brave new progressive world whether we like it or not.
New York State just hung a sign out saying no conservatives as defined above ...need apply.  No matter how much the Governor tries to walk back his words...they are out there and will not be forgotten.
And while the number crunchers will tell you that the 48 "upstate" counties get more from the State than they contribute in taxes the politics of the State have become so wasteful, corrupt and extravagant that the time may have come for New Yorkers outside the five city boroughs in particular, to go their own way. and say goodbye to the cannibalistic politics of NYC, that are ruining the rest of the state.
Staten Island, and parts of Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx that wants to leave also should be welcome to join the exodus.
The epicenter of waste, spending, social justice fear mongering, failed schools, and too big to fail unions is NYC.  Because of the new demographics in sheer terms of numbers, down state and NYC now politically dominate State Government and the rest of the state exists to feed this voracious political monster notwithstanding the fact they receive back more per capita than they give.  The question becomes one of vision...what would a new state with sane fiscal policies, freed of regulatory and ideological barriers look like?
A new state without the noose of progressive politics which is going to kill the present state if left unchecked, could be a place where by cutting taxes, the size of government and the stranglehold of the public sector unions would become a magnet for new businesses and the growth of present ones.  
A new state without the insanity of an environmental movement that thinks its a religion could release the wealth under our feet and actually make the motto "Excelsior" a reality once again and not a joke.
A new state without the tyranny of left wing politics could be a place where people are protected by the constitution and are free to live, worship and speak as  they like. 
A new state without union driven politics could become a place where our schools , public including charters and private, could be the finest not only in the nation but in the world.
A new state without the politicians of NYC would be an instantly less corrupt political environment.  
The notion of secession in NYS in order to form a new state is nothing new.  Efforts in the past have included making Long Island a state; creating  new upstate states called "Niagara" and "Upstate New York"; the secession of Brooklyn and Staten Island has been urged, the merger of Manhattan, Staten Island and Long Island in something called "The Free City of Tri-Insula" was proposed prior to the Civil War.
In 1969 Norman Mailer running for Mayor and Jimmy Breslin running for City council President as independents, proposed making NYC the "51st" state.  Breslin's concession speech is memorable by him stating that he was "mortified to be part of a process that closed the bars for an entire day"!

Handbill for the campaign (front), 1969
 In 2000, members of the NYC City Council tried 3 times to pass resolutions of secession based on the negative balance of payments NYC received from the state as opposed to what they sent to Albany.  That effort still lives.
 In 2009 Rep. Randy Kuhl proposed splitting the state into NYS and West New York.  That effort is also still alive with Assemblyman Stephen Hawley proposing legislation in 2013 to let each County analyze, examine and opine on what the effects and impact on partition would be.
Despite the current economic and fiscal objections to secession, Governor Cuomo's inexplicable comments, which many believe were designed to shore up his street "creds" with the maniacal progressive left of NYC that he thinks may imperil his re-election, are the final straw.  In one stupid comment both poorly delivered and insulting to millions of New Yorkers, he has figuratively used them as a metaphorical  fire hydrant.  He also doomed any future candidacy for President. 
His comments marked a division of the spirit .  Mayor DeBlasio has endorsed them while Senator Schumer has launched a vicious attack on the Tea Party.  They have allowed crass politics to slip the leash that keeps political discourse civil and civilized to become something malignant which disunites us because it disrespects us. 
No one should think that the creation of a new state out of this existing one would be easy.  It would not.  The issue and the effort however are absolutely worth fighting for because the political monstrosity that has been created by liberals over low these many years can only be changed by starting over and starting fresh.   NYS today is like a bad marriage where the pain of separation has become less than the pain of staying together... a moment  in time where it's always the wrong time to be right!
So ...Welcome to West New York...please do not park adjacent to a gas well! 

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