"If at age 20 you are a conservative then you have no heart. If at age 30 you are a liberal then you have no brains."
Sir Winston Churchill

Obama obviously knows very little about economics, specifically that "Society stagnates when independent productive achievers begin to be socially demonized and even punished for their accomplishments." This dilemma fogs Obama's reality. To him, accepting this truth is a "false choice", his answer to things he doesn't understand. And by the way... where is John Galt?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

"How's that Hopey, Changy Stuff Workin' out for Ya?"...Sarah Palin

How's that Hopey, Changy stuff workin' out for ya?
That was Sarah Palin mocking the believers in the "Change You Can Count On" crowd! That was a big crowd pleaser for Palin's keynote speech at the national tea party convention in Nashville. Every minute produced another standing ovation from the taxed-enough crowd. Her speech began by thanking the military personel, past and present, who were in the audience. She then questioned what Obama accomplished by touring the world and apologizing for our country.

She noted the results of his pleadings led to North Korea testing longer range missles, Iran test firing an intercontinental ballistic missle (ICBM), no support for thousands of Iranian dissidents fighting for their freedom, etc. She said that since Obama has no victories in foreign policy, he only spent 9% of his State of the Union speech talking about it. Palin said Obama doesn't understand the dangers we face and that we need a commander-in-chief, not a professor of law standing at the lectern. She said we can be conquered by bombs but also by neglect, reflecting on Obama's lack of effort with homeland security. She wondered why there are no consequences for wall street while there are strings attached to states' stimulus money that includes mandates extending stimulus jobs indefinitely, even after the stimulus money runs out. The typical left-wing media was present (e.g. Associated Press), doing their condescending best to redicule her speech and the convention generally, in time for tomorrow's press releases. Some of tea partiers interviewed at the convention were completely indifferent to the Lame Street Media (as Palin referred to them) because they feel the LSM has become marginal and irrelevant to the political future of America.

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